Welcome to the World of Pure Cinnamon

Pure Cinnamon is the new brand for sourcing the absolute best, genuine Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, the ancestral home of this delightful and exotic spice.

For many years now Cinnamon has been offered to consumers by third parties who trade in a range of spices. In many cases the cinnamon selected is not genuine Ceylon cinnamon but rather cinnamon from the Cassia tree, a near relative of the true cinnamon tree (Botanical name: Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Breyn)

In the past, this highly prized spice was sourced from the island then known as Ceylon. It was a spice that was highly prized by emperors, courtesans and royalty through the ages. It’s worth questioning just what it was that was so attractive and how have we lost that sense of its real value today. For today it’s relegated to the spice shelves in supermarkets in small plastic bags with little or no fanfare.

Cinnamon is the princess of all spices. Not only is it delicious but it has been truly valued for millennia by many different ethnicities and nations.

Pure Cinnamon is the brainchild of Kumar Puvanakumar. It was his idea to re-launch the most magnificent of spices and lodge it in people’s selective choices as a most valuable everyday commodity.

Pure Cinnamon will bring to consumers the very highest grade cinnamon as verified and approved of by the Sri Lankan Government. All Pure Cinnamon products carry the Sri Lankan Export Board’s License Certificate for Cinnamon Products.

Over the next six months the Pure Cinnamon team will be developing an exciting range of products. Naturally there will be the Cinnamon Sticks or Quills as they are known as well as fresh pure cinnamon powders, Pure Cinnamon will select only the highest grades of the 7 grades available for sale to the public.

As well Pure Cinnamon will be developing a new range of Spiced Chocolates that include Cinnamon, Cardamon, Nutmeg, Peri Peri and other delicious combinations.

Add to this a range of Cinnamon Honey that will provide a delightful and refreshing addition to peoples breakfast tables.

Pure Cinnamon – The Spice of Life


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