Sundara Botanical

sundara-botanical-logoPure Cinnamon is now expanding to prepare and offer a range of what are considered compatible medicines in new, exciting, delicious and effective formats.

To present these products in the Marketplace you will notice that the parent brand for all Pure Cinnamon, Pure Turmeric and Nature’s Pure Herbs products will be released for sale under the Sundara Botanical label. All products will be released under this brand.

Sundara Botanical products will be manufactured, selected and marketed on the basis of required dosage and efficacy to ensure an effective program for consumers wishing to benefit from these ancient and revered complimentary medicines.

Sundara Botanical will require real research, real development and dosages that are safe yet effective so not only will you be able to purchase the powders, quills and concentrates in their natural form but also in measured doses via capsules and liquids.

And there are some very interesting surprises in store for those who choose Pure Cinnamon, Pure Turmeric and Nature’s Pure Herbs products.

A range of delicious high quality chocolate is now being finalised. Each block will be infused with a correct dosage of Pure Cinnamon, Pure Turmeric or other renowned natural herbs and spices to provide a simple gorgeous way of ensuring you get the right daily dose of each according to Ayurvedic principals and and research results.

Add to this a range of Perfumes and Liquers (Whiskey, Gin) it’s obvious that enjoying the fragrant flavours of the Sundara Botanical range doesn’t have to be boring.

When the full range is finalised you will be able to purchase all Sundara botanical products direct from the company website. Each current product page will remain providing updated information and promotion.

For further updates and information please don’t hesitate to leave us a message here or on the contact page of the Pure Cinnamon website.

Remember it’s colourful, it’s pure and it’s really good for you. Always look for Pure Cinnamon and Pure Turmeric.


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